Furi 41452 Pro Capsule Block 5PC Knife Set


Introducing the stunning new capsule knife block range from Furi.
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Product Overview

Furi Capsule Block set

Introducing the new stunnung Capsule knife block range from Furi. Made with solid carbonised acacia dark wood, Pure elegance to compliment any kitchen.

the Furi 5 Piece Block set includes

  • Utility Knife 15cm
  • Santoku Knife 17cm
  • Bread Knife 20cm
  • Cooks Knife 20cm
  • Knife Block

Knife features

Utility Knife 
An everyday preparation knife that excels at slicing and trimming meat, fruit, small vegetables, herbs and cheeses.

15cm / 6 inch
Japanese stainless steel
Reverse-wedge handle

Santoku Knife
Unrelenting sharpness from the East, unmatched strength from the West, this knife is a cross between a Western Cook's Knife and an Eastern Vegetable Chopper. It can be used for varied cutting tasks from fine chopping to dicing and paper-thin slicing. Scalloped indentations on the blade reduce cutting friction to make slicing faster and easier.

17cm / 7 inch
Japanese stainless steel
Reverse-wedge handle

Cooks Knife
No kitchen is complete without a good Cook's Knife. The workhorse in most restaurants, this knife is the chef's classic choice for chopping and cutting meats whilst making light work of even the heaviest of vegetables.

20cm / 8 inch
Japanese stainless steel
Reverse-wedge handle

Bread Knife
Slices without tearing. Designed with rounded serrations to stay sharper for longer. These perfect serrations mean a smooth cut on your sourdough, rye or pane de casa.

20cm / 8 inch
Japanese stainless steel
Reverse-wedge handle

Care instructions 
Hand wash in warm soapy water with the blade pointed away
Dry thoroughly after washing

Technical Specifications

Set includes

  • 1x Furi Capsule Knife Block
  • 1x Furi Utility Knife 15cm
  • 1x Furi Santoku Knife 17cm
  • 1x Furi Bread Knife 20cm
  • 1x Furi Cooks Knife 20cm
Warranty and Delivery Details

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