Rinnai Dynamo 15 Portable Convector Gas Heater (White)


The Rinnai Dynamo 15 convector Gas heater is an ideal heater for small to medium sized areas comes with a simply remote control and is made in Japan.


Please Note: This item cannot be shipped to Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania.

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Product Overview

Sophisticated in both design and functionality, the Dynamo 15 Radiant Convector outputs an impressive radiant heat that will keep you cosy all winter long.  Its separate morning and evening timers work around your lifestyle, meaning you won’t feel the frosty temperatures outside.

Swiftly heat up any small to medium sized room without worrying about adding to your heating bills – the Dynamo 15 Convector comes complete with low emissions technology, thermostatic set’n’forget operation and easy to use advanced controls. Once the room has maintained temperature for an hour, the Dynamo 15 Convector’s Economy mode gradually reduces the heat setting. Saving you gas and money.

With an outstanding 5.8 efficiency star rating, the Dynamo 15 Radiant Convector lets you to take comfort around the home. All you need is an appropriate gas connection point.

  • Low emissions technology - less than ½ the Australian Standard
  • Ideal for heating medium sized areas
  • Fully thermostatic 'set'n'forget' operation
  • Dual programmable timers for mornings & evenings
  • Convenient remote control operation
Technical Specifications

Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 490 x 495 x 245

Gas Input MJ/h Low: 6.0

Gas Input MJ/h High: 15

kW Output: 3.8

Heats up to Capacity (m2): 32 (Very Cold)

Heats up to Capacity (m2): 38 (Cold)

Heats up to Capacity (m2): 52 (Cool)

Heats up to Capacity (m2): 59 (Mild)

AS4553 Efficiency Star Rating: 5.8

AS4553 Emissions Star Rating NG & LPG: 3.8/3.5

Dual Timers: Yes

Preheat Feature: Yes

Economy Mode: Yes

Override Button: Yes

Child Lock or Lock Button: Yes

Gas Type: NG

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5 Year Warranty


Free Delivery (Australia only)

1 working days processing period

Please Note: This item cannot be shipped to Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania.