Kobo N778-KU-BK-K-EP Sage Ereader - Black


This Kobo Sage eReader is designed to inspire you with every read. The Kobo Sage delivers every feature Kobo offers in one sleek package, plus Bluetooth® wireless technology so you can listen to Kobo Audiobooks.

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Product Overview

Introducing Kobo Sage, Kobo's most accomplished eReader ever. Designed to inspire you with every read, Kobo Sage delivers every feature Kobo offers in one sleek package, plus Bluetooth® wireless technology so you can listen to Kobo Audiobooks*. The luxurious 8" HD flush E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen delivers superior performance and depth of contrast, with zero glare. Take your Kobo Sage experience even further with elegant, custom designed accessories. Kobo Sage SleepCover** and new PowerCover** were purpose-built to provide protection and a premium experience. And with Kobo Stylus** compatibility, you can dive further into your favourite read by capturing your ideas on-the-go and saving them to other devices with Dropbox Support. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having every feature at your fingertips, and knowing you'll have our best, most immersive reading experience.

With its intuitive touchscreen, IPX8-rated construction*, and powerful hardware, the Kobo Sage eReader is specially designed to inspire readers and encourage you to continue reading different titles through a single device. It also has compatibility with various accessories, including the Kobo Stylus, Bluetooth audio devices, and Kobo Sage SleepCover (each sold separately), for convenient note-taking, listening to audiobooks**, and optimum viewing angles.

Designed for a better reading life - Great screen, great visuals
Equipped with an 8-inch flush, high-definition E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen, the Kobo Sage eReader provides enhanced contrast, exceptional text clarity, optimum readability, and fast page turning. Minimise eyestrain when reading by enabling Dark Mode.

Powerful and versatile
This Kobo eReader comes with a quad-core CPU and dual-band WiFi for fast wireless connectivity. It’s also sleek, lightweight, and ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold in both landscape and portrait modes.

For your convenience
Compatible with the Kobo Stylus (sold separately), the Kobo Sage eReader lets you create handwritten notes in various eBooks and PDFs^. Use its integrated notebook feature to write notes and convert them into clean text.

Optimum display settings
Thanks to its ComfortLight PRO setup, the Kobo Sage’s E Ink display provides precise brightness and blue light control (colour temperature adjustments), which helps give your eyes a break and reduce strain during extended reading sessions.

Read or be read to
Integrated with Bluetooth® wireless technology, the Kobo Sage eReader is specially suited for accessing and playing Kobo Audiobooks.** Listen to your favourite titles and dive into the story even when your hands are busy with other tasks.


** Kobo Accessories SleepCover, PowerCover and Kobo Stylus are all optional accessories and are not included 

Technical Specifications

Product Type: E-Book Readers

Brand: Kobo

Model: N778-KU-BK-K-EP

Primary Storage Capacity: 32GB

Screen Size: 8 inches

Touchscreen: Yes

Connectivity: USB Type-C, Wi-Fi

Manufacturers Warranty: 12 Months

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1 Year Warranty


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